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About Vicki

Achieve well being and positivity through postural awareness, muscle balance and good breathing techniques!

I have been teaching Pilates in Saffron Walden since I qualified with The Body Control Pilates Association in 2002 and gain real satisfaction in helping my clients to improve their body awareness and increase their physical confidence. Throughout my practice, I have become increasingly aware of how far daily activities lead us to create movement patterns that are both positive and negative. It’s always surprising how very subtle adjustments to negative movement patterns can enhance a client’s long-term well being. Sometimes less is really more! Careful observation as well as rigorous training and practise in holistic massage and reflexology have also helped me understand how to tailor Pilates better to the needs of the individual. In some cases movement needs to be carefully guided, and I recommend the use of one-to-one sessions rather than classes. I try in all cases to make sure that my teaching has a functional element so that exercise can be realistically integrated into busy lifestyles and not treated as something separate.

One of my primary focuses is on breathing techniques which are so important for reducing stress and for activating the deep abdominal muscles essential in Pilates. Learning how to breath holds the key to a relaxed, yet strong and flowing body. I have seen particular benefits for asthma sufferers as correct breathing can lessen their physical symptoms as well as calming the mind leading to greater self assurance.

I am keen to stay in touch with the latest teaching techniques and procedures and undergo continual professional development as part of my membership of the Body Control Pilates Association.

I am a Level 3 member of the Register of Exercise Professionals.