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When I first attended Vicki’s Pilates classes I was amazed how quickly I noticed a change in my body. Her classes are varied, fun and extremely professional. She obviously has a wide knowledge of her subject, and always attends new seminars and workshops.

Pilates is a fantastic way to rehabilitate after injury or help everyday symptoms such as back pain and headaches. It works as a wonderful complement to chiropractic care and therefore I have recommended Vicki to many of my patients who have made excellent progress.

Jo McCarey B.Sc. D.C., Chiropractor, Saffron Walden Chiropractic Clinic

Vicki is a long-established teacher and has placed Pilates firmly on the Saffron Walden map. As a fellow Pilates teacher I admire and appreciate her continual quest for self development and desire for improvement.

It’s easy to get complacent when teaching a structured method but Vicki continually examines her teaching practice and its effectiveness. Her openness and ability to see a bigger picture means that she infuses both her classes and private sessions with compassion and progression.

Nicki O'Clarey - Pilates Teacher, Cambridge

I am a General Practitioner and have been doing Pilates with Vicki for two years, initially due to a low back problem. She was recommended to me by a physiotherapist. She has an excellent knowledge of human anatomy, good motivation, and a very relaxing attitude. I am now leading mountain expeditions and playing squash without any back problems.

Dr Jeremy Evans

After having a caesarean section I was advised to start Pilates classes. A friend recommended Vicki’s classes and I signed up. I have now been attending Pilates classes for 15 years. Vicki is an inspirational teacher, mixing relaxation with exercise, making Pilates addictive as well as beneficial. I am indebted to Vicki for keeping me fit and healthy. I would not be able to live without Pilates and am grateful for her insightful teaching.

Maddie Standen

Vicki has been teaching me Pilates for about 2 years now. I first went along because I thought I needed to improve my posture. I also had a problem with my neck following a car accident 24 years ago and had had discomfort ever since, I tried other treatments such as physiotherapy and courses of anti-inflammatory tablets, but none of them worked for any length of time. I expected this would be the case with Pilates, but I haven’t had neck pain since I started the Pilates exercises with Vicki, and family and friends tell me that my posture has greatly improved.

Jane Evans

I have been a competitive athlete most of my adult life. The cumulative effect of years of bashing my body through hard training and pregnancy resulted in injury and more specifically lower back problems. So much so that I had to stop all sporting activities altogether. I tried all sorts of treatments but nothing fixed me long term, the symptoms always returned within a couple of months. I then met Vicki and started her Pilates classes.

The difference it made was amazing, my back was stabilised, I was stronger and my flexibility increased not to mention the overall well being effect. Pilates got me back onto the road to recovery and eventually full sporting participation again. Vicki is a thorough professional, who is always finding ways to improve herself. Her classes are great fun, very diverse, energising and relaxing at the same time and I wouldn’t give up my weekly haven for anything.

Deborah Rushman

I first joined Vicki’s Pilates class over 5 years ago and was immediately impressed with her easy to follow, varied and beneficial routines, all delivered with a light human touch..

In summer 2006 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following my mastectomy I took up one to one sessions with Vicki and can honestly say they were a life line. Vicki was sensitive and supportive and immediately took it upon herself to understand my surgery and the implications of it. Each week, using her extensive knowledge of human musculoskeletal system, she devised a short daily programme for me.

When I began chemotherapy I was advised to take minimal exercise, however, my consultant was very positive about Pilates. It seemed an ideal time to get to grips with Pilates concepts and I continued with my programmes which helped in every way. They provided a focus each day and helped to keep my body more flexible and toned. I am delighted to report that I have now emerged from treatment, with a completely full and pain free range of movement, along with an engaged set of core muscles!

Sue Rae

I have been a student of yoga and Pilates for many years and in particular a student of Linda Butler, learning Classical Mat for 6 years until her return to the US. At that point I started to look in the local area for a teacher of equal talent and dedication. Eventually I found Vicki and have discovered a different but wider view of Pilates practice. Vicki’s delivery is full of gentle humour and excellent instruction, which has not only enhanced my Pilates practice but has also linked to my Iyengar yoga practice which parallels the integrity of instruction of Vicki’s Body Control Pilates. Vicki’s dedication to high quality teaching and her care of students are exemplary.

Carol McNulty

Vicki is a dedicated and hugely knowledgable Pilates teacher. Her carefully constructed programmes are of great benefit in the constant battle to keep flexible and fit.

John Lockheart